The USAFC brought together representatives from a number of active industry organizations, training programs,  cooperatives, fiber processing groups and key individuals to form this council.  The volunteers who have given of their time to build this important collaboration come from the following diverse groups listed alphabetically

Alpaca Coalition of America (ACOA)

The Alpaca Coalition of America was formed in 2013 to help meet the needs of the maturing alpaca livestock industry through efforts that support both the profitable development of the markets for alpaca products and the success of other participants in the value chain. The organization is also focused on underpinning the sustainability of alpaca farms through targeted research in key areas of alpaca husbandry.

Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (AOA)

Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that provides support to the North American alpaca industry through programs that assist over 6000 members in growing their alpaca, alpaca fiber, and alpaca product businesses. AOA’s vision is focused on enabling a recognized and sustainable North American alpaca industry for alpaca owners, alpaca breeders, and those who design, produce, and sell alpaca related products and services.

 Artisan Fiber Mill Network

AFMN is a network of independent artisan fiber mills, throughout the US and around the world, which mutually collaborate and leverage their expertise so customers who need unique products have viable, sustainable and profitable options.  AFMN provides customers who are seeking to convert raw fiber into value added goods all the resources necessary to make that happen.  AFMN assists the general artisan textile industry in developing new product and markets through research and development as well as collaboration with equipment manufacturers.

Natural Fiber Producers Co-operative (NFP)

As an agricultural cooperative, Natural Fiber Producers supports sustainability and profitability for its fiber-producing members/owners. The cooperative collects members’ sorted fiber and processes it in the U.S. in commercially efficient batches for yarn and value-added products.  These products are then returned to members or sold at wholesale thus increasing the volume of U.S. grown natural fibers and environmentally friendly products entering the retail market. As part of our mission to build momentum for the domestic processing of natural fibers, NFP owns and operates the only dehairing machine designed in Italy at Cormatex to process a variety of fibers at between 25 and 35 pounds per hour.  After being without for decades, commercial scale dehairing is once again available to the U.S. textile industry.

New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP)

The New England Alpaca Fiber Pool is an alpaca fiber processing solution supporting farms of all sizes across the United States. We pride ourselves on exclusively manufacturing U.S. Grown alpaca fiber domestically for over 20 years. Our solution provides alpaca farms with a method to maximize the value of their fiber and gain access to commercial scale processing all while maintaining complete control over their business.  NEAFP | New England Alpaca Fiber Pool Inc.  U.S. Grown, U.S. Made Since 1997


Sorting, Grading, Classing is a US based Certificate training program through SUNY/Cobleskill PACE. The goal of the training is to standardize sorting and grading across the country to further the natural fiber textile industry in the United States.  The program has been established for the training natural fiber producers and give them the knowledge to return to their farm and organize their fiber for production.  Management, harvesting and sorting are the building blocks for the 3 part program including information on yarn production and the tools needed to maximize yield and minimize processing costs.


The Suri Network is composed of Suri alpaca breeders committed to the improvement of Suri alpaca genetics and to advancing the economic value of Suri alpacas and their unique fiber.  To this end, the Suri Network has created the first ever breed standard for the North American Suri Alpaca.  Our Board of Directors is focused on industry aspects that will benefit all Suri breeders.  We understand the importance of continued education and research for the long term growth of the Suri alpaca industry.  We are continually striving to recognize and advance the many uses of Suri fiber.  North America has the opportunity and potential to be the global leader in producing Suri fleece.