The U.S. Alpaca Fiber Council was formed from a dynamic and unconventional meeting of the minds.  In 2016 the Alpaca Owners Association held a meeting with U.S. based alpaca manufacturing to discuss strategies for moving alpaca fiber into the supply chain.  The result was a council of U.S. manufacturers focusing on U.S. grown, U.S. made alpaca goods.  It was clear from the beginning the U.S. Alpaca Fiber Industry was in its infancy and infrastructure was required to move the wonderful natural resource from the fields into the hands of Americans.  These stakeholders understood the opportunity of being on the ground floor of this very exciting industry, agreeing to work collaboratively on a sustainable and efficient U.S. Alpaca supply chain.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to assist U.S. Alpaca Fiber Processors in the production, promotion, profitability and marketability of the U.S alpaca fiber. In 2016, USAFC was formed to support these common activities.

  • Guidance; harvesting, contamination, packaging and quality (including characteristics)
  • US grown & made assurance programs
  • Education and communication between Growers and Processors
  • National collection and centralized management of fleece
  • Clearing house for best practice information, research and product sourcing